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My ex is trying to kill me

My ex is trying to kill me & current bf with a rifle seeing us walking home from work. he starts chasing us while trying to kill us. He shoots bf first. I yell out to get down, ex missed shot to bf head by an inch as result. Ex shoots & hits me while I call for help. laying on ground, police car speeding towards me and bf jumps out, start to run toward me. That’s when I woke up. Bf in dream is only friend in life but been wondering how to tell when to advance too relationship stage, and also nervous to do so after multiple very abusive relationships(couple were life threatening)

Me and my friends were outside and

Me and my friends were outside and one my guy friend carried in his back and fell down laughing and some random girl's we're trying to target me for nothing

I dreamed that there was this war

I dreamed that there was this war happening and that I was much more involved than I am in the war now In class we would have drills pertaining to the war. It was really scary. So all the freshmen and sophomores went on this trip and Sue and I were left behind. So when the trip returned everyone sought to create everyone's worst nightmare. All these people were chasing me and trying to shoot me, which I guess is my worst nightmare. I ran into my house, which was like the Order of the Phoenix in Harry Potter. Mr. Bailey was there with a palette of nail polish, trying to communicate some code to me. But I couldn't figure it out. So then I escaped to a kind of vineyard where Sue's worst fear was being realized. Her worst fear was that everyone had found out some secret about her. So there were all these freshmen and sophomores tormenting her in the trees of the vineyard, saying things like, "We know, Sue..." and then I remember one of them saying "We know about Abbylius," (I just made that name up in my dream) and then I woke up.

In my dream I was in a

In my dream I was in a hotel walking through stair case there I found cinema Hera Vijay, I wanted to take picture with him but I kept my phone in room, so I asked him to take photo with his phone, he asked where is mine, I said then he said go and take and come I will wait, so I went to search my phone, I was trying to open wrong room number, I forgot my room, then my daughter came opposite then I said everything to her, vijay is standing there to take pic with us, so find our room and bring our phone, she went inside a door then she didnt come back, that door led to another stair case. She got losed, then I went to vijay that my daughter got lost

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was trying to keep my mother from getting to my father how much does a comical kind of way but not really not sure why

Family didn't believe me when I said

Family didn't believe me when I said parasit fish were trying to kill us and that that a parasite shapeshifter in the form of my sister touched me