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I had a dream I saw a

I had a dream I saw a ufo hovering over me, my classmates and the teachers in the highschool garden outdoors.

I had a dream I saw a

I had a dream I saw a ufo outside near the parking lot near my backyard.

I was at my friends house and

I was at my friends house and was looking out the window, I saw big ships falling from the sky. They looked like UFOs, as they fell planes stopped moving in the air and just stayed there. Everyone and everything but me and the UFOs were frozen. The UFOs shot out parachutes and started to land, then one parachute covered the sky; nothing could be seen. Then I was at a caravan site, someone had just got hit by water and faded. Me, Lauren, 2 young black women and an old man were stood on a pond. There was a cobblestone wall surrounding the pond, the water slowly started to rise up so I started shouting to get on the wall. Me, Lauren and one black women made it. We watched as the other two were hit with the water and faded. Then I was in the caravan and Lauren and Harry Hook was there. I was yelling about the people that faded, Harry was trying to calm me and Lauren thought I was insane. Then we were at a portal with a green gooey Alien. He said that we had to milk a human to get through; so Harry cornered me and asked if I wanted to do this. I said yes, we went underwater, I gave him a blow job and he ate me out. We kissed and the alien was happy. We were them pushed through the portal into the sea and time was still frozen.

I had a dream where my parents

I had a dream where my parents and little brother and I were shopping at this mall that has appreared in my dreams before. While shopping, we decided to get the baby sitter to take care of my brother and everything was fine. We then decided to go see a movie so we drove like two minutes to the one beside the mall. We parked and there was a gang there and they were hanging about, but I noticed something weird when i looked up at the sky. These fake looking silver things were sparkling. Then i pointed it out to my parents and then it was clear that they were UFO's now, and that they were upducting a hidden cop car in the parkinglot. Then we decided a change of plans and quickly got in the car and drove away, but the UFO's were chasing us.