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I went out with friends to a

I went out with friends to a place kind of like a library and was taking photos. When a friend who works there showed us the old library. Then as it was late while leaving the door closed and got locked when one friend was inside. I rushed to tell her as she worked here and would have keys. I accompanied with her went back up to the room. We went to help a friend locked in a room and we saw he was chased by a snake. Then we saw that there were few more people in the room. While trying to get him out with the help of another friend I saw the big snake go to other corner where other people were hiding so we lured the snake to other direction but we accidentally let the big snake get out of room as well. We ran to different directions. But there were many small snakes on the way. When i was hiding from the big snake, watching if it coming a small snake was trying to curl on my hand I got it off my hand. It stood on its tail facing me and I woke up.

I was having a sleepover with my

I was having a sleepover with my boyfriend, a girl I'm not very close with but me and her talk, and some other people. Me and my boyfriend got into a small fight because I pulled his hair and he says that he wants me to stop pulling his hair. I walk away, angry, and go up into my room and as I'm walking up the stairs I can see my boyfriend talking to one of his friends saying "I have to go get my girl." and he comes up the stairs, following me, and tries to give me a hug but I don't hug him back. Then the girl I'm not very close with comes and gets me and invites me to go downstairs with her so we can watch a movie and explains that she's already asked the grandma that was there, I had never see this women before in my life but we went downstairs and stayed down there for a little before everyone comes down with us. Someone suggests an activity and I say okay, but I'm going to change into my pajamas. I go upstairs, and see a fight in the living room between two girls I've never seen before, and I saw one of my old friends who I haven't spoken to in a long time, and I stood next to her and she gave me a smile and we started talking and they were really fighting, one of the girls were getting beat up really badly and she was crying begging the other to stop, while the other was attacking her. And the girl that was attacking her grabbed her butt in a very weird way. Then a girl in the wheelchair intervened and said stop, and then when I turned my head it wasn't my old friend anymore it was my sister and we were making jokes, then we all starting singing a part in a theme song of a kid's show and the girl in the wheelchair turned out to be a girl I know from cheerleading, and she was no longer crippled and instead walking and talking fine.

Having a nap, dogs woke me up,

Having a nap, dogs woke me up, need clothes (recurring theme) ask mom to watch dogs, offer to give little sister a ride to mall, pass Dad who said he couldn't walk when he woke from nap, tried to go down stairs but pieces missingwent out the back doo r instead of the gate

I dreamed I was working in Publix

I dreamed I was working in Publix as a cashier the girl next to me suddenly quits her job telling me I should do the same. I don’t as I think it’s strange to just up and quit for no reason in continue to work. The end of my shift come up I go outside it’s now night time I look over to see a strange shaped moon almost diamond shaped but it’s clearly fake like something trying to cover out the night sky behind it and lower to the horizon I see three other moon and as I’m watching this the diamond shaped moon starts to move revealing a massive large object almost planet size coming to earth. Moments later an announcement comes over every broadcast stating and ele “extinction level event is imminent and there is a 100% chance of hitting the earth please stay calm and get to your loved ones. I look around to grid lock traffic everywhere and wake up. Never had a dream like that before

I was at my home and mostly

I was at my home and mostly I was alone. One day a middle aged man and a small boy tried to break into my house to steal. But I tried stopping them. Next day a middle aged auto man came in front of my house with Mangal Sutra in one hand and a big knife in another hand who tried to marry me forcefully and all of a sudden my brother came and stopped him and handed over him to police. Next day while traveling in bike with my husband all of sudden a hug crowd was there in the streets. My brother was also there standing in front of my house. Then only I noticed there are huge numbers of baby crocodiles, small black and white fishes and blue colour fishes where scattered throughout from the entrance to bedroom. We were so confused that where this had came from. By that time my mom was there and there was also a malayali mam was staying with us. Whom I had never seen in my real life. My brother and husband were trying to get rid of those crocodiles and fishes as I sat at my bedroom. This malayali man was looking good. I tried talking to him but I couldn't as I felt it is unwanted too. After sometime he went to washroom with his cellphone and was masturbating by watching porn and I saw this in the bathroom door gap. I smirked and left. He doesn't know I was watching him. Then after few mins or hours when I tried to get out of the room this malayali man was about to bump but we both managed. He told me to watch my step as there were crocodiles and fishes were there yet. While he said that my brother who was cleaning to crocs said sorry to him for scolding the malayali guy in bad words earlier that day. The crocodiles and fishes were alive.

I saw that I and my family

I saw that I and my family were eating in our garden and my crush was watching us from a distance. I saw my crush so I brought my crush with me and he also started eating with us then suddenly I and my family I saw that our house was on fire, I and my family immediately ran towards the house but my crush was absolutely normal as if he knew that there was going to be a fire and started the fire right there.

So we were in a like a

So we were in a like a rv and we were laying on the bed and talking and he reached over and hugged me and give me a kiss. He said alright I have to get up and take a shower. I said ok and we were talking and then all of a sudden I said you sure off work a lot and he said I'm just am. And I said yea uh huh I heard that cough. And then I was fixing to watch him take a shower through a hole in the curtain right as I woke up

It's like I'm lost , either in

It's like I'm lost , either in a forest covered in snow or just a place with snow all around There's a woman that I feel either wants to kill me or gets random shit to get me , then there's this weird tune that place in the background ( literally feels like a horror movie but I haven't even been watching movies ) The rest is all vague but when it's all commencing it feels like the same shit over and over , can't see the person's face and all but by the time I start gaining consciousness again my body immediately wakes up and I'm in a sweat So idk it's random asf but also weird asf