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By the common belief, a Mamba snake in your dreams might indicate someone is plotting against you. Try to see if there is someone that does not like you. The snake also indicate the female and woman needs of sexual relationships and trying to be seductive.

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palm fruits

Palm fruits in a dream symbolise survival. This amazing fruit grows in the desert, in the Jordan Valley in Israel and can grow in a high heat temperature and with minimum water. The palm fruit shows how even in bad time and harsh environment you can still thrive and prosper. The palm fruits in your dream are a good sign for the times to come.

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Seeing computers in your dreams means a systematic error in your life. You are searching for the reason that a repeating mistake was made during the process for decision making. The computers usually tends to be analytic and your sub-conscious is trying to understand where things went wrong.

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have a crush

To see someone you have a crush on in a dream is quite a common dream. The mind dreams of what the mind is longing for. The crush in your dreams symbolise something that is important for you, something that you want. If your crush is talking to you in a dream it means that you are looking for some way to communicate it to your crush that you are in love with them. If you see your crush in a dream from a distance, walking away from you, it means that you think your crush does not like you.

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Dreaming of a Giraffe and seeing a Giraffe in a dreams have a very special meaning. The Giraffe is a very tall animal that stands out in it's field (pun intended) and it comes to indicate to you in your dream that there is something very obvious in your life that you can not see. Maybe someone is in love with you and try to contact you and you don't notice it or the other way around - you fail to notice the obvious.

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To dream of euro, the European currency means that you are seeking an adventure out side of your comfort zone and if you will follow it you will probably succeed and win a foreign fortune. To dream of Europe as a continent shows that you are aware of different aspects in life and you are seeking to improve your life and freedom.

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To dream of Tsunami means you are unable to cope with your own feelings. In dreams, the water and specifically the sea represents our emotions. To dream of Tsunami shows that your emotions are over flooding your heart, your soul and your mind and you find it hard to deal with all those emotions that comes as waves and sea and you seek a way to be able to stay above them.

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Raining in a dream means many things at the same time is coming on us. It also may indicate that we are sad, because rain is like tears in a dream. To see rain flooding means we have too many things that we can not handle in parallel. Raining on me in a dream means many people needs me. See raining somewhere else may indicate we might have unfinished business.

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picking a tortoise

To pick up a tortoise in a dream means we want to haste things up and start moving faster.

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A tortoise in your dream symbolise that something is your life is going slower than you expected. Maybe your boyfriend should have proposed you already. Maybe you should have finished your studying by now. The tortoise is here to tell us that time never stops.

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Historical and Religious Context: Baal in ancient Canaanite religion: He was a storm god associated with fertility, rain, and agriculture. Depending on your spiritual leanings, dreaming of Baal could symbolize seeking abundance, facing challenges related to growth, or grappling with the forces of nature. Baal in Abrahamic traditions: He's often portrayed as a false god or idol opposed to the one true God. From this perspective, dreaming of Baal could represent internal conflict, questioning your faith, or encountering temptations. Psychological Interpretation: Jungian perspective: In Jungian psychology, deities represent archetypes, powerful aspects of the human psyche. Dreaming of Baal could mirror your own inner strength, potential for growth, or even destructive energies you need to acknowledge. Personal associations: Reflect on your personal connection to Baal, if any. Have you encountered him in mythology, art, or other media? Do you hold any specific opinions or beliefs about him? These personal associations can offer insights into the dream's significance for you. Dream Details and Emotions: Positive or negative experience: Were you drawn to Baal in the dream, feeling protected or empowered? Or did you encounter him as a threatening figure, experiencing fear or anxiety? The dream's emotional atmosphere can offer clues about its message.

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Buying ripe pear

Might indicate that you are longing for a sexual connection and even ready to pay for it with a mature significant other.

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A pear in a dream means lust and attraction. The pear symbolise the woman body, but not only the women body, it also symbolise the motherhood and fertility. We long and crave to return to the womb to be smothered with motherly love but as Freud said we also crave to sexualize our own parents in the Oedipus syndrome. The pear symbolise all of this and it usually indicates that the dreamer is ready for sexual affection and needs. It is a good sign for a woman do dream of a pear as she is ready and fertile. For a boy to dream of a pear means that they are in need for sexual loving.

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Dreaming of Israel means you want to get back to your roots. The cradle of men and modern world have come from the land of Israel and Judah. When seeing Israel in your dreams or Israeli people it means good omens and good things are coming to you. You are going back to your origin to do good deeds and spread cloture around you.

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To see parrots in a dream means you or someone else have been talking about you behind your back. To see many parrots in the wild might also means you want to be free and wants to travel around and meet new friends. A parrot in your window indicates you need to make sure your words are truth.

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To dream of whipping means you had made something bad and you want to redeem yourself. You think of the wrong you have made and how can you fix it now. To see someone else whipping another means you need to do good in the world. To be whipped yourself means you need to fix what's wrong you have made. To whip someone else is to punish yourself on something you haven't done.

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To dream of the matrix means you are missing something important in your life. Some clue, something that can shed light on recent important events and decisions.

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Attackers in a dream symbolise chores and things that we need to do but try to avoid.

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Seeing poop or defecate in a dream shows the dreamer wants to get rid of something bad. Bad behaviour, bad omen, bad illness. To poop in a dream means you are already doing the right thing or want to do the right thing to get rid of bad intentions or something that bothers you.

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Training for something in a dream have the right direct symbolism: You are preparing yourself for something unknown or you should be preparing yourself. Seeing someone training in a dream show of envy. Wearing training clothes in a dream means you want to show yourself as a better person.

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