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What is the meaning in a dream of advertisement


What is the meaning of advertisement In a dream, What does it means advertisement In a dream?

samples of dreams of advertisement

Standing in an above room of a

Standing in an above room of a two storey building. feels like my home but it is not. below on the property are five brown horses. Then I see a neighbour driving in an old blue car through the property to take short cut to his property. I feel that it is not right as he is disturbing the horses. I have spoken to him previously in this regard. At the bottom corner of the property where he goes into his property water is pouring out of a pipe. There is also an advertisement board which always lay over the stream of water to prevent it from spraying in the air but this has now been moved and the water is spraying in the air. I decide to confront the neighbour because of the short cut and walk to the same place where he goes to his property. we introduce ourselves but I can't remember his name. I tell him that I am now going to close the gate and he states that he then will be unable to gain access to his property. His property is at a corner and is fenced and I thin k by myself that that will be his problem as he needs to make his own gate. back at the building there now is six horses and it is as if there was merely a wait for the sixth horse to arrive. There is a person like a fatherly person who states that we should chase the horse to the stables where he got a place for them.

other meaning of dreams of advertisement

quack medicine

To dream you take quack medicine, shows that you are growing morbid under some trouble, and should overcome it by industrious application to duty. To read the advertisement of it, foretells unhappy companions will wrong and distress you.

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