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What is the meaning in a dream of beach

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What is the meaning of beach In a dream, What does it means beach In a dream?


Where conscious and unconscious meet. Where conscious and unconscious meet.

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Samples of dreams of beach

Well in the beggining, I was in

Well in the beggining, I was in the top of balcony near coast completly alone, so I went down the cobblestone steps surrounded by beautiful summer houses full of plants, until I got all the way down to the beach. Then I emerged on a wide promenade along the very edge of the beautiful sea. The promenade was more or less deserted, but I noticed some groups of young people talking to each other and I suddenly felt sad because I remembered that I was alone. Until suddenly, out of nowhere, a beautiful blonde girl approached me with the friendly intention of hanging out. Suddenly I didn't feel so alone and I was happy. We had a little walk, talking a bit with each other. I didn't even manage to ask her name. Then I woke up and felt a kind of sadness. That's my whole dream in a nutshell. Even I managed to notice a lot of symbolism in this dream. So hope you can help me even more to understand the meaning of my dream. Thank you.

I had a dream that all I

I had a dream that all I remember were the colors in it. I was wearing a dress that blended in with the colors and all I could really see were my feet dancing in the sand. I could feel the sand. Layered from bottom to the top was beautiful a sandy tan brown color, a barely light pink color and extremely light blue. They were so beautiful and I had the best peace of mind and contentment I'd ever had before. I was happy with everything in my life. I could also feel warmth but cool comfortable warmth. My dress which blended me in with the environment surrounding me was ankle length airy with spaghetti straps; very casual beach like. I woke up with the best feeling and state of mind I have ever had in my entire life.

Other meaning of dreams of beach


Athens Greece is a beautiful place, and Athena the Godless of War and Wisdom. Dreaming that you are in Greece Athens signify you are seeking for answers for problems during your life and the way to solve them and fight them. From one point of view Greece is a peaceful place with beautiful islands and beaches so dreaming of Greece shows the tranquility this place brings but dreaming specifically on Athens shows you need to solve some issues your mind is bringing up.

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Where conscious and unconscious meet. Where conscious and unconscious meet.

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