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I was watching these people, a man

I was watching these people, a man and a woman. They were walking through the woods looking for their cat. I was not in physical form but was watching and following the grey cat. He was making decisions on where to go and hide, I could hear him talking out loud to himself as he made these decisions. I would sometimes go back and forth from the people to the cat. All of a sudden we were in this shed, this shed was the I build for my summer job. The cat had something gotten up onto the rafters and the people were trying to get him down. Then I woke up.

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Standing in a nice white country house

Standing in a nice white country house and looking through the window to see loads of people in and outside the house, suddenly I hear multiple gun shots and I am tackled to the ground to hide by the window sill. We run through the house as I see people running through the fields on the grounds of the country house/ I run outside onto the decking to hear more shots being fired and people running away. I run towards where people are running from and see someone I know running past me away from the scene. I then stop to help my maths teacher as she has a wound on her leg. I place my hands on a black hole filled with a thick red liquid than when pressed on pours like paint.