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The world is ending and a rouge

The world is ending and a rouge planet is about to crash in to the earth. I'm on another planet watching it happen. On earth it's all chaos and I can vividly see the entire planet ripping apart while all life on earth is slowly being sucked in to space. Time goes by and an older version of myself returns to earth to see what's left and all I can remember from the dream is crying and feeling alone.

I was in a car with my

I was in a car with my family excluding my dad and my sister was driving recklessly and then we just got out of the car to find it crashed in the middle of an intersection and it was completely stopped and it was crashed into air. but then i was suddenly seeing random flashes of pictures of the date october 16th written on different surfaces. then i got teleported into a completely empty place with only a wooden sign in it that had the date "october 16th" written on it in both english and my main/1st language.

I dreamt I was upset at my

I dreamt I was upset at my boyfriend because he lied about going home after school but stayed with another girl and didn’t care that I was there or upset that he lied , i was then waiting at the front of my school for my mother to pick me up when I got a voice note that she was in a crash, I then fainted but the front of my school changed into a forest and all I saw was red ( these all followed each other immediately after the other )

Moons in the sky at 4 am

Moons in the sky at 4 am and I was confused the sky was blue then all of a sudden a plane comes swirling near our tree and then crashes right by the roundabout Mom Aki we’re sleeping in room and victor my ex was too and I just took a whole bunch of pictures and videos and showed you all like crazy. And then I showed mom and she said “ whole lot of death is near” I ran over to the plane and asked mom if I should call 911 and she said no don’t

I was in a car that crashes

I was in a car that crashes 3 times , the last time it crashes I was praying to God. My mother was in the crash but in a different vehicle with my dog who past away a couple years ago.