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What is the meaning in a dream of waiting

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What is the meaning of waiting In a dream, What does it means waiting In a dream?


Anticipation. Ready to take action.

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A guru in your dreams symbolize seeing of guidance and receiving guidance toward better self and better success. The guru might talk, or lead you to your new improved self. It depends what does the Guru actually doing in the dream. Talking to you means guidance. Leading you is also guidance. Just sitting, looking or waiting means you need to do your first self toward engagement. Dead guru shows you lost your way.

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To dry something in your dream really depends what is it that you are drying but may view your believe in life that things that should have happened already did not happen. It might be a dream about growing up and waiting for puberty or waiting for your new job and advance in career.

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For a non Latin or Spanish person to dream on a Spanish Woman or Man means an adventure is waiting for you.

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